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Denis Azabagic

"He has a dazzling technique and possesses
an enormous interpretative sensibility"

Ritmo, Spain

Considered among the elite generation of young players today, Denis Azabagic holds more then 20 awards from international competitions. In 1993, at the age of 20, he became the youngest winner of one of the most prestigious International Guitar Competition "Jacinto e Inocencio Guerrero," in Madrid, Spain. 

After listening  to Azabagic, distinguished Spanish composer, Anton Garcia Abril said:   "I am sure that with the time, he is going to be one of the greatest guitarist of the world." After his success in Madrid, Denis has maintained a prize-winning position in virtually every competition he has participated in. 

Here are but a few of the most important ones:
-1st prize at the International Guitar Festival IGF-Germany
-1st prize at the International Guitar Competition "Rene Bartoli"-France 
-1st prize, special prize for the best interpretation of the works by F. Tarrega and public prize at the International Guitar Competition "Francisco Tarrega"-Spain
-1st prize at the International Guitar Competition "Manufacturas Alhambra"- Spain
- 1st prize at the International Guitar Competition "Printemps de la Guitarre"-Belgium
-1st prize at the International Guitar Foundation of America Competition (GFA)-USA
-1st prize at the Schadt String Competition-USA
-1st prize at the Stotsenberg International Guitar Competition- USA

Denis has recorded six CDs for international labels such as Opera Tres, Printemps de la guitarre and Naxos, as well as a video for Mel Bay Company. Future projects with this company include instructional videos and a book about his experience in competitions, to be published both in English and in Spanish.

As a soloist, Denis has appeared in the US with the Allentown Symphony, Charlotte Symphony, Savannah Symphony, and in Europe with Orchestre Royal de chambre de Mons and Symphony Orchestra of Madrid, among others. He played as a guest performer at several venues such as Masters of the Guitar at the Royal Concertgebouw in Netherlands, Radio France in Paris, France, Aix en Provence Festival, France, El Palau de la Musica, Valencia-Spain, Savannah on Stage, USA, Omni Foundation, USA, etc.

With the flutist Eugenia Moliner, Denis Azabagic has established Cavatina Duo as one of the most impressive duo combination of its kind. Already internationally acclaimed, they have toured extensively throughout Europe and the U.S.  Their interpretation of Piazzolla has been appraised as one of the most stunning, fascinating and spectacular. "This is not the sort of playing that comes from discussion and careful score markings.  "These two feel the music deeply and are of one mind as they play. " American Record Guide.

Denis Azabagic is the member of the guitar faculty at Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University.

R   e   v   i   e   w   s

"Azabagic is a champion of music of Asencio... Azabagic's playing is virtually flawless and his technical facility is a joy to see as well as hear; increasingly I hear him mentioned in the same breath as John Williams, and while such comparisons are invidious, this one is not without merit...
  Azabagic's guitar shimmered. Azabagic's vivid, imaginative account, gathered up every surge and whisper of the musical narrative, giving fresh impact to an old story,...  I still cannot quite believe that such flawless execution is possible on the guitar. But I was there, and I heard it-. Amazing."


" Denis Azabagic's playing is of the highest calibre."
MW-Classical music on the web

"...And once he started playing his guitar he became ageless. One couldn't imagine where the man, the instrument and the music separated, if at all."
Los Angeles Valley Star, USA

" Azabagic played Aranjuez as if he owned it...the duet between guitar and English horn melted every one of the 1200 hearts in the audience."
The Morning Call, USA

"Azabagic shows particularly balanced combination of perfect technique and mature musicality... Incredible virtuoso music with all kinds of technical difficulties was played perfectly"
Dagblad van het Oosten, Netherlands

"He has a dazzling technique and possesses
an enormous interpretative sensibility"

Ritmo, Spain

"He is a virtuoso artist of timbres, who masters, as it seems, easily all kind of expressions: from enchanting softness to passion, from deep emotions to enormous joy"
Kolnische Zeitung, Germany

"The sound was glorious, he is a superb technician.
The brilliance of Azabagic's playing brought an easy grace to the music"

The Herald Times, USA

"...Master of sweet tones...Magician of expression"
Kolnische Zeitung, Germany

"As always, Azabagic's playing is clean smooth, and effortlessly musical."
American  Record Guide

"Azabagic was playing with  four hands,  not just two"
Los Angeles Valley Star

"impeccable technique and lautustic sonority..."
El Pais, Spain