Camerata Klaipéda

?Camerata Klaip?da? was organised by Vilhelmas ?epinskis in 2004. This unique string orchestra, unlike any other Lithuanian ensemble, is comprised of thirteen young, most promising artists and students of the Music Academy. The first part of the ensemble is made up of young artists who, still being students, have already performed in various international orchestras, such as the EU Youth Symphony Orchestra of London and G. Mahler?s Orchestra of Vienna. The other part of the ensemble includes musicians who have already completed their musical studies. The new orchestra also embraces artists performing in the famous ?Kremerata Baltica?, which engages talented youth from the Baltic States. These performers can pass round the experience, they get playing with the most famous soloists, to younger colleagues.

During the first two years of its existence orchestra ?Camerata Klaip?da? achieved more than expected: orchestra played more than sixty concerts in Lithuania and abroad, opened The 8th International Sacred Music Festival in Gdynia (Poland) and 7th international short film festival ?Tinklai?, closed the 16th International Music festival ?Credomatic? (Costa Rica) and 1st festival of chamber orchestras in Kaliningrad, took a part in multicultural project ?Fantomas?, which attained very big success, in Pa?aislis Music Festival, also organized an educational program for young talented children of Klaip?da city. For the finance, received for the concert ?Young for young?, were bought the musical instruments, records and other educational implements for pupils from children?s home in Klaip?da region.

The orchestra founder - Vilhelmas ?epinskis - enriched the repertoire by creating arrangements for violin and string orchestra. ?Camerata Klaip?da? can boast of the repertoire ranging from baroque to the XXI century, though the greatest prominence is given to the compositions never performed in Lithuania before.

In 2005 Vilhelmas ?epinskis and ?Camerata Klaip?da? were the first in the Baltic States who made a record in digital audio format DTS, issued the audio and video records. ?Camerata Klaip?da? performances were broadcast in Lithuania, Poland, France and Costa Rica. The international news channel CNN made an essay about Camerata Klaip?da.

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