China Pekin Philarmonic
China Peking Philharmonic was founded in 1949. It is one of the musical organization with a long history and the highest level.
For the past fifty-four years, the China Peking Philharmonic was quite active in the musical society in the country. All types of symphonic concerts are held about more than one hundred and thirty every years. The performance won widespread acclaim from famous conductors, composers, and players all over the world. The works include: Beethoven's Symphony No.1 to No.9. It is one of a few orchestras which succesfully perform Beethoven's Symphony No.9. The Ballett “Swan Lake” was first played in China by China Peking Philharmonic. The orchestra has composed and recorded music for more than 2000 influencing films, TV plays and documentaries.
Today, it has achieved a considerable status in domestic and international musical communities.
China Peking Philharmonic will continue to make efforts for the development of Chinese music as well as the international cultural exchanges with other countries.


Pofessor Yao Guanrong is a state-appointed first-rate conductor and enjoys government specil allowances. He also earned first award (symphonic conductor) presented by Chinese Ministry of Culture.
In 1961, after graduate from Hochshule für Musik Leipzig, he enrolled at Hochshule für Musik Weimar and followed a well-known conductor, Herman Scherchen. After returned to China, he was appointed the principal conductor of China Film Philharmonic. He is concurrently conductor of the Central Philharmonic Society of China in 1978 and was guest conductor of Shanghai Symphonic Orchestra. He has succeeded in conducting Beethoven's symphony No. 1 to No. And a lot of Chinese and Western classical works. His artistic caliber and musical appeal have received high appreciation by critics and audience.
In 1980, he successfully conducted with Rundfunk Orchester Köln Symphonic Concert and received high appraisement: “Yao Guanrong's conducting skill has been reached a high level even if basa on European standard”, and the concert had been live broadcast in Europe. He was principal conductor of Shen Zhen Symphony Orchestra from 1985 till 1988, he was appointed honorable artistic director in 1999. In 1997, he led Shen Zhen Symphony Orchestra to visit and perform successfully in Germany and Czech, he is the first Chinese conductor who has conducted the performance in the famous Concert Hall of Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in Germany and Smetana Concert Hall in Prague. He also successfullt conducted in Verdi Saal in Milan and Meister-singer Musik Halle in Nürnberg and has been maintained as: “a Chinese conductor with world experience”.
Pofessor Yao also conducted the Orchestras as following: Berliner rias Rundfunk Orchester, New Music Ensemble USA, Guang Zhou Symphony Orchestra, Vootland Philharmonie Deutschland, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, China National Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonisches Orchester Nürnberg Deutschland and Mannheimer Kammerorchester Deutschland, etc.