Henryk Szeryng and Enrique De Quesada Jr.
Caracas, 1969.

Enrique De Quesada
Director for Latin America

Enrique is one of Ernesto de Quesada's grandchildren, and as well as the rest of his family, he is dedicated to representing artists for the development of musical culture in Latin America .

He was born in Mexico City where he went to school and graduated in Marketing. He also studied music, specializing in cello in the School of Music of the “Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México”.

At the age of 21 he traveled to Venezuela, where he has resided for 39 years, to work alongside his father Enrique de Quesada Delgado in the representation of artists in this country. Later on he traveled for several years as Director of several multinational companies and is currently in charge of Hispania Clásica Latin America which is based in Caracas .

Married, with four children and a granddaughter, he shares the passion for music of all the de Quesada family.