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Marcelo Galliano

“Brilliant, Ductile, Genial, an exceptional musician.”

-Martin Wullinch, Magazine TV.


Winner of the Gardel Award 2002/Classical Music nominated to Album of the year.

Gardel Award 2002

Marcelo Galliano was born in the city of Buenos Aires in 1971. He was a pupil of Raúl Beltrán and studied under Oscar Migueles in the Municipal Conservatory.

Prestigious composers have confided in him the premiere of their works as is the case of Alberto Devoto, Carlos Padró, and Eduardo Múscari.

During 1992 and 1993 he performs in important cultural institutions in the country and in 1994 he gives a concert in the Auditorio Mayor of Radio Nacional broadcasted live to the United States and Europe. That same year he gives a first performance for Alberto Devoto's Divertissement Líbero for guitar, flute and percussion in the Andreani Foundation. In 1995 the Proscenio Foundation selects him to share a concert with the German guitarist Gunter Herbig; that same year he performs for the first time at the Salón Dorado in the Colón Theater.

In 1997 he institutes the International Guitar Festival of Buenos Aires, which was held at the Alvear Theater, taking the guitar to Calle Corrientes for the first time in history. That same year he premieres the Katropoides Concert from the Italian Fabio Grasso, work that won the Alberto Ginastera International Composing Contest. Galliano was selected among dozens of worldwide concert players to perform in the first World Audition in the Sala Grande of the Colón Theater in Buenos Aires, becoming the youngest guitarist in history to make a concert debut in that concert hall. The performance was given in conjunction with the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Italian Maestro Bruno D'astolli.

In 1999 he returns with his guitar to Calle Corrientes with “El Show de las Guitarras” (The Guitars Show) held in the Grand Rex Theater -with 3200 locations sold- and joined in the performance by Ernesto Bitetti and Gerald García.

In the year 2000 he records his CD “Juegos Prohibidos” (Forbidden Games) and a year later he registers “Guitar Night Dreams”, his first crossover album, with which he wins the 2002 Gardel Award for Album of the Year (with this he becomes the first guitarist to win a Gardel Award and the first instrumental player in being nominated for Album of the Year).

In 2002 he performs in his first big personal show in the Sala Pablo Neruda at Paseo la Plaza on Calle Corrientes, being his guest “Ensamble Instrumental Buenos Aires”, a 40 wind instrument orchestra. At the end of this same year he records “Flores Salvajes” (Wild Flowers) –his fourth CD-

Regarding his incursion in the media, he has produced and conducted 5 radio cycles for Radio Nacional, Radio Clásica and FM Premium.



…”this Marcelo Galliano album is the most pleasant thing that can reach the hands of someone who enjoys music…”

-Víctor Hugo Morales, Radio Continental.


“The Gardel Awards night depicted Galliano as outstanding”

-Gabriel Plaza, Diario La Nación.


“…talented and cultured, a pleasure”

- Enrique Alejandro Manccini, Radio Nacional .


“Brilliant, Ductile, Genial, an exceptional musician.”

-Martin Wullinch, Magazine TV.


“Angels play through him”

-Eduardo Gálvez, Utilísima Satelital.


“An extraordinary guitarist”

-Susana Roccasalvo, América TV.


“A true super guitar”

-Betty Elizalde, Radio El Mundo.


“I don't know whether to define him as a genius, he is someone who will give us a lot to talk about”

-Quique Pesoa, Radio del Plata.


“A marvelous artist who is beyond critique”

-Lilian Kovalenko, Radio Clásica.


June, 2004