Rastrelli Cello Quartet

"Rastrelli Cello Quartet", one of the most unusual classical ensembles and  to its composition and repertoire. Why unusual? Everybody knows the Finnish cello quartet "Apocalyptica", but it is only an exception to the rule, besides they specialize only in playing the heavy metal rock.

Our aspiration is to prove that it is possible to play any kind of music with the cello - from baroque to rock, especially at the borders of genres,  becoming more and more uncertain in modern music.

Each of us learned to say "cello" before we“d  learned to say our own names. However, since we  met in Stuttgart (Germany) in spring 2002, and later, when we were playing together, we forgot the name of our instrument.

Our ensemble's repertoire has no pieces of music  composed  especially for cello quartets.  What we are trying to achieve is to make the listener hear the saxophone playing in "The Melody" by Sokolov, to make a ragtime-battered piano sound along with a silent movie, to let them hear Piazzola play the bandoneon again...

Why "Rastrelli"?  Three of us were born in St.Petersburg (Russia), spent their childhood and student years there, so we took the name of the genius Italian architect who was invited to build a new capital of Russia by Peter the Great 300 years ago. Kira Kraftzoff, Kira Timofejeff, Misha Degtjareff and Sergio Drabkine had the idea of forming a quartet in April 2002 in Stuttgart. Right then, two tunes were recorded in a studio - "The Melody" by Sokolov and "Rhapsody-Tango" on the theme of Oscar Strock. After a number of concerts we were invited by the company Arc-Verona to record an album at  Amphion Records .

You can hear some parts of this album in the "Audio Samples" page. The album is due in June 2003. Man has always wanted to overcome  gravity and learn to fly. Our dream is to forget that it is only the cello that we are playing and learn to reincarnate. How well we achieve this aim is up to you to judge.