Diego Sánchez Haase

Orchestral Conductor, Composer, Pianist and Harpsichordist.

Born in Villarrica, Paraguay, on May 18th 1970, Diego Sánchez Haase has emerged recently as one of the most important Paraguayan musicians of his generation. He first entered music through the study of the Paraguayan Harp (with which he has obtained a number of prizes in national contests), but later moved on from popular/folk music in order to dedicate fully to erudite music.

He carried out his basic musical education in Villarrica and Asunción, under the guidance of Ana María Barrios de Fariña, Elba O. de Mussi and Balbina Salcedo Milleres, obtaining the title ?Profesor Superior? of Piano; with comments such as ?Outstanding, with Exceptional Merits? and he has studied Music Theory, Composition and Orchestral Conducting with Nicolas Ayala Casco and Florentín Giménez.

Since 1989, Sánchez Haase has sustained a very prolonged period of travels for improvement, in Europe and America, thanks to the help of many international organizations that have given him scholarships, like the IILA, UNESCO, OEA, and the Goethe Institut. As such, he has studied Orchestral Conducting in Germany, Italy, Venezuela, Brazil, Spain and USA, under the baton of world famous Maestros like Helmut Rilling, Armin Thalheim, Mario Benzecry, Albert Juliá, Thomas Sommerville, and others. In the Internationale Bachakademie Stuttgart, Germany, he specialized in the music of J.S. Bach, under the hand of the noted German Maestro Helmuth Rilling.

Sánchez Haase has also participated in a number of Conducting Master Classes in such important Music Festivals as:
      -    III Festival de Música de Cascavel (Brazil, 1991)

  • X Oficina de Música de Curitiba (Brazil, 1992)
  • Cursos Interamericanos para Jóvenes Directores (Venezuela, 1993-1995)
  • Sommerakademie J.S. Bach Stuttgart (Germany, 1996)
  • Academia Bach de Santiago de Compostela (Spain, 1998)
  • Europäisches Musikfest Stuttgart (Germany, 2000)
  • Oregon Bach Festival, with a scholarship of the Festival (Eugene, Oregon, USA, 2001)


Sánchez Haase inaugurated his piano career with a performance at the age of 17, as a soloist with the Orquesta de Cámara Municipal de Asunción. Since then, he has offered a number of recitals as a soloist and as an accompanying pianist in several cities of Paraguay and abroad.

On several occasions he has performed as a soloist with the ?Orquesta Sinfónica de la Ciudad de Asunción? (in 1989 performing for the first time his own Piano Concerto), the   ?Orquesta de Cámara Municipal de Asunción?, the ?Orquesta Filarmónica Guaireña?, the ?Orquesta Sinfónica de Encarnación?, the ?Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional del Paraguay? and ?Newton Mid-Kansas Symphony Orchestra? (USA) amongst others.

In 1995 and 1997 he performed as a pianist in the Golden Hall of the ?Teatro Colón? of Buenos Aires.

In recent years he has also dedicated himself to the Harpsichord, performing on many occasions with several chamber groups.

His career as an Orchestral Conductor began in 1990, when he conducted the Municipal Chamber Orchestra of Asunción.
In 1992 he founded the ?Orquesta de Cámara de Villarrica?, which today has grown into the ?Orquesta Filarmónica Guaireña?, the first one on its kind in the country side, and of which up to the present he remains musical director. He was in the same way the first director of the ?Orquesta Filarmónica de Encarnación?.

Since his return from Germany, in 1993, Sánchez Haase has worked intensely in the diffusion of J.S. Bach?s music in Paraguay, conducting the premier performances in Paraguay of several works of this composer, like ?Saint John Passion?, ?Magnificat?, the six ?Brandenburg Concertos?, ?Easter Oratorio?, etc. Furthermore, he has created the Bach Choir of Asunción and has been the director of the Hispano-American Choir of Asunción.

In 1998 he was awarded First Prize, after a unanimous decision, in the ?Second Election of Latin-American Conductors?, Mendoza, Argentina.

As conductor and pianist he has performed on the most important stages of Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, USA and Germany, conducting very important orchestras such as:

  • Bach Collegium Stuttgart (Germany)

-    Orchestra and Choir of the Oregon Bach Festival (USA)

  • Orquesta Sinfónica de Lara (Venezuela)
  • Orquesta Sinfónica de los Llanos (Venezuela)
  • Orquesta Sinfónica de la Universidad de Cuyo (Argentina)
  • Orquesta Sinfónica de Mar del Plata (Argentina)
  • Orquesta Sinfonica de la Oficina de Musica de Curitiba (Brazil).
  • Orquesta Sinfónica de Asunción (Paraguay)
  • Orquesta de Cámara Municipal de Asunción (Paraguay)
  • Newton Mid-Kansas Symphony Orchestra (USA)
  • Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional del Paraguay.

In 2001 he obtained the position of Music Director of the ?Orquesta de la Universidad del Norte?, Asunción.
Since 2004 he has been the Artistic Director of the ?Baroque Music Festival of Asunción?.

In 2005 he obtained the position of Music Director and Conductor of the Newton Mid-Kansas Symphony Orchestra, USA,   becoming this way in the first Paraguayan conductor of a foreign symphony orchestra. 

Sánchez Haase?s activities as an Orchestral Conductor account to more than 60 performances per year in Paraguay and abroad with a symphonic, opera, ballet and baroque music repertoire.

Diego Sánchez Haase is a professional member of the American Symphony Orchestra League.


In the field of composition, he is the author of several symphonic and chamber pieces, including:

-  ?El Viejo Daniel?, concertino for harpsichord and orchestra (2002), played for the first time in the ?4th Encounter of Latin-American Composers? in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and later in Berlin, Germany, with the Orchestra of the Musikhochschule Hanns Eisler, in November of 2002.

-   "En karumbé (una estampa de Villarrica)?, for piano (2000), played in Washington by the pianist Nathaly Gustafson and recorded by the pianist Valentina Díaz-Frènot , on the CD ?Composers of the MERCOSUR?, published by the Musical Documentation Center of the MERCOSUR, the work that won him the National Award for Music 2003, granted by the National Parliament. This piece has been published on the album ?Piano Works from contemporary Paraguayan composers? edited by the Vice-Ministry for Culture, Paraguay.

- "Variaciones Sinfónicas" for symphony orchestra (1991), this piece gained the Mention of Honor in the National Award for Music 2001 and was performed by the Symphony Orchestra of Mar del Plata, Argentina, in November of 2003.

-  ?Variaciones Guaireñas? for guitar and string orchestra (2003), a work that was premiered in Italy, in the Festival ?La Música e la Cultura del´America Latina?, which took place in the city of Lucca, and was performed by the soloists of the ?Associazione Musicale Lucchese?, and conducted by the maestro Fabio Neri. This piece has been published by the Italian editorial VP Music Media, of Rome.

- ?El Luisón del Ybytyruzu? (2003), Concerto for violoncello (or viola) and orchestra, played for the first time in USA by the Newton Mid-Kansas Symphony Orchestra. American critics described it as ?a fascinating concerto worthy of taking it to the CD?.

- ?The Train? (2006), for Children?s Choir and Orchestra, composed to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Newton Mid-Kansas Symphony Orchestra, and played for the first time in October 2006 in Newton, Kansas.
- ?Villarrica, 1975? (2005),  suite for string Orchestra.


In the field of teaching, Sánchez Haase has again developed an intense level of activity, having worked in the following positions:

  • Vice-director of the Music School ?Diapasón?, Asunción.
  • Teacher of Musical Forms and Music History, in the same School.
  • Teacher of Harmony in the Municipal Conservatory of Music of Asunción.
  • Teacher of Piano in the Municipal Conservatory of Music of Asunción.
  • Furthermore, he has given lectures and Master Classes on the work of J.S. Bach in different Universities of Paraguay, Argentina and the US


Sánchez Haase has been member of the jury in several national and international contests, such as:
- National Piano Contest ?Francisco Marín Nogueras?, organized by the Catholic University of Asunción.
- Music Contest of Piracicaba, San Pablo, Brazil, in the areas of Piano, Violin and Horn.


In October of 2002, Diego Sánchez Haase presented his book ?The Music in Paraguay (History and Analysis)?, published by the Editorial ?El Lector? of Asunción. This book is part of the catalogue of the Library of Berlin and the United States Universities? Library and can be found on the Web (www.staatsbibliotek-Berlin.de). In August 2004 another of his books was published: ?The Work of J.S. Bach in the musical education of Paraguay?, edited by the Universidad del Norte, becoming the first study by a Paraguayan author about the keyboard works of J.S. Bach.

Diego Sánchez Haase is also the author of several articles published in Paraguayan magazines, books and newspapers.


Diego Sánchez Haase created, in 1996, the Philharmonic Foundation of Villarrica, the most important institutional support to the Philharmonic Orchestra of Villarrica. He has also been a member of the Cultural Council from the Cultural Vice-Ministry of Paraguay. At the present time, he is the Second Vice-President of the Paraguayan Council of Music.


His musical work has been recognized by several institutions, obtaining many awards such as:

  • "Outstanding Young man Award? 1992 (Cámara Junior de Asunción)
  •  ?Radio Curupayty? Music Award 1993 (Radio Curupayty)
  •  ?Amigos del Arte? Music Award 1995 (?Amigos del Arte? Association,   Asunción
  •  Nominated amongst the ?Fifty Paraguayans of the Year 2000?.
  •   ?Great Award Oscar Trinidad? (2006).

-   Named "Outstanding Son of the City of Villarrica? by the        
      Municipal Council of that city. 

  • Has been distinguished by the Government of the Fourth Department of Guairá.
  • National Award for Music 2003, granted by the National Parliament.
  • ?Gold Medal José Asunción Flores 2004?, granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Paraguay.
  • Has earned a place in ?The walk of Fame? in the city of Asunción


With the Orquesta de la Universidad del Norte, Sánchez Haase has recorded, as a conductor, the following CD?s:

  •  MOZART, BACH Y SANCHEZ HAASE (2002). Piano soloist: Nathaly Gustafson.
  • L. VAN BEETHOVEN: 9th Symphony (2004).
  • P. I. TCHAIKOVSKY: 5th Symphony (2004).
  • ELGAR, CHOPIN Y SANCHEZ HAASE (2004). Piano soloist: Nathaly Gustafson.
  • P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY: ?Sleeping Beauty? (2004).
  • G. MAHLER: 5th Symphony (2005)

    With the Newton Mid-Kansas Symphony, he has recorded the following CDs:
  • Winter Classics 2006: Rossini, Overture of the Barber of Seville; Mendelssohn, Violin Concerto in E minor Op. 64 (soloist:  John Harrison); Brahms: Symphony   N° 2, Op 73.
  • Fall Classics 2006: Sánchez Haase, The Train, for Children?s Choir and Orchestra (World Premiere); Mozart, Piano Concerto N. 21 (Conductor, soloist and cadenzas: Diego Sánchez Haase); Beethoven, Symphony N° 5, Op. 67.

    Also, a selection of his pieces has been included in the following CD?s:
  • Piano Works from Paraguayan contemporary composers. Edited by the Vice-Ministry of Culture of Paraguay. Pianist: Valentina Díaz-Frènot.

    ?Composers of the MERCOSUR?. Edited by the Musical Documentation Centre of the MERCOSUR (CEDOMM) Pianist: Valentina Díaz-Frènot. 
          -         ?Sounds of Paraguay?, produced by the GTZ (Technical German Cooperation).

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