Trombonisti Italiani

Whether it's Gioacchino Rossini's overture to „William Tell“ or the Beatles song “Hey Jude“ – the Italian trombone quartet „Trombonisti Italiani“ stops at no musical style. Founded in 1996 by Lito Fontana it consists of four of Italy's very best trombonists.  

The four musicians captivate audience with their perfect technique, precise ensemble playing and their sensitive interpretation on their musical journey from baroque and classical music, contemporary music to Rag Time and the most famous modern Italian songs. With their first album “Tarantella 0-2-2-2-3-2-….” they showed how simple it is to change from classical to contemporary music by their expressiveness and ease of playing.
Their follow-up CD “Bossa&Bond” continued the musical journey and demonstrated their impressive musical credentials with a wide ranging programme of diverse music and interpretation. With their inimitable spirit the ensemble breathes new life into some classic piece of music history with the special temperament of southern Europe. After these two productions of different fields the four exceptional musicians embarked on a new project. 

Steven Mead, probably the world's best euphonium soloist, was intrigued by this unique project. As a result, four trombones and one euphonium create this complete new sound on the CD “4 valves/4 slides”. The technical brilliance of Steven combined with the inimitable “Dolcezza” of the four trombones sound create an striking new experience in sound. It's a magical formula which give the register of low brass a new meaning. With classical romances, virtuoso pieces an d modern jazz pieces the appeal to a large audience. 

Trombonisti Italiani  give concets in very different places beginning with small concerts in historical places, small events up to big concert halls.
They play well known arrangements but have also a great number of specially arranged pieces by famous Maurice Bale and other arrangers. 


Lito Fontana
contributes as the founder his long experience in fields like classical music as well as jazz.
His precision is of prime importance in the interpretation of classical and jazz pieces. 

Gianluca Camilli , principal trombone of the orchestra San Carlo from Naples. He puts the finishing elegance to the quartet, especially in the fields of classical music. The sound of his trombone together with the sensitive interpretation both a part of that what makes the inimitable sound of the Quartet. 

Rocco Degola is together with Lito the creative head of the Quartet. His work with several orchestras but also Big Bands and modern orchestras including musicians like Renato zero and Paolo Belli, and countless appearances on the television make him to be a true all-round musician. As third trombonist more in the background he is an indispensable point of calmness within the group. 

Roberto Pecorelli is one of Italy's best bass trombonist. He is a very busy orchestral and studio musician. Having a inimitable feeling of rhythm and incredible strength his remarkable tone is powerful and resonant. His famous statement “I play twice as many notes as the others…that's the reason why I am paid twice a s much”, humorously describes how labour intensive his scores are. 

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