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Eleonora Vulpiani

?The Lyre of Eleonora: fairy of other times. The last muse plays the lyre: Eleonora Vulpiani is the only player in the world with God's instrument.... Shows of great suggestion and elegance...?

Il Tempo - Rome , 8 February 2005

Born in Rome , in 1975, first-class degree in guitar at Conservatory of Music S. Cecilia in Rome , with Maestro Giuliano Balestra.

She works, at present, in collaboration with Maestro Giuliano Balestra in a project intended to rediscover de Lyre-guitar : The project, of very high musical profile aims at the re-discovery of this instrument, from the XIX century at the moment not very well known.

She is the only person in the whole planet to own such instrument.

It has been created for her, by two roman lute-makers Mr Gerardo Parrinello and Mrs Milena Di Fabio in 2003 copying an existing model built in the first years of XIX century by a Neapolitan artist named Gennaro Fabbricatore.

Eleonora Vulpiani received large praise and important press recognitions.

The instrument follows neo-classical standards and shapes. It had a great fortune in the courts of Paris between the XVIII and the first twenty years of the XIX century, to spread afterward all over Europe .

In the neoclassical period, with the renewed interest toward the Greek-roman era, the guitar changes into Lyre-guitar becoming very similar with the Greek -lyre.

The classical stile becomes very fashionable, dresses, ways of acting are strongly influenced by all the best models of the past, first of all the Greek-roman world. In the high society sitting rooms the instrument becomes a real must and is often associated to women kindness and elegance.

This research project , on which Eleonora Vulpiani is studying since 2003, has been lead through the analysis of a big amount of musical materials not yet published and known only buy a very little number of studious of the guitar in the XIX century.

Lots of the scores have never been published, and the artist plays them as soloist and in chamber ensemble: duos with a singer, with violin and with the flute ; trios with a singer, with violin or with the flute; for Lyre-guitar or arches orchestra.

Passages of intense expressivity, high musical level and remarkable instrumental virtuosism has been written by important authors of the nineteenth-century guitar-panorama like Ferdinando Carulli, Mauro Giuliani, Fernando Sor, Francesco Molino, Matteo Carcass, Pierre Jean Porro, Jean Lemoine Batistes, Etienne Jean Battista Pastou.

Eleonora Vulpiani carries out an intense concert activity with the guitar and with lyre-guitar as soloist and in various chamber ensemble, in Italy and abroad.

In the last tournč, that took place in Ireland, the artist played, as soloist with lyre-guitar , in the Bank of Ireland Arts Centre of Dublin, in occasion of the International Guitar Festival organized by the Spanish Institute Cervantes in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture of Dublin; in the Crawford Art Gallery of Cork (CORK: European City of the Culture 2005) in occasion of the series of concerts "Our Musical comedy Partners - Cork 2005 Music Project" where she has been invited to represent Italy and finally in the Friendship Italian Society in Sligo.

Lately she has been hosted in a radio programme, in world-wide through the web, for MEP Radio of Rieti in the transmission ?Feramata a richiesta?, for the exclusive interview: "Eleonora Vulpiani and her Chitarra-lyra ".

The artist is moreover curing the preparation of the thesis of bachelor in Conservation of the Cultural Assets and the Artistic Patrimony in the University of the Studies Rome Three.

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