Genova & Dimitrov


"Brilliant!... Dazzling!... Exciting!", wrote recently the German Ludwigsburg Kreiszeitung about our concluding concert of the Ludwigsburg Music Festival.

"A harmony, whose quality and perfection border just on magic... Impressive... Charming and fluffy play... Almost infinite repertoire of piano sound nuances... Fulminant concertizing, sharpened dynamics and brilliant tone qualities... Exemplarily", appraised the Bietigheimer Zeitung the same recital with works for 2 pianos from Bach to Shostakovitch.
"Genova and Dimitrov play off each other handily and vivaciously...Driving rhythms...Warm colorings...The night's centerpiece Bohuslav Martinu's Concerto for Two Pianos", wrote the Los Angeles Times about our three performances of Bohuslav Martinu's Concert for two pianos 1943 with the Pacific Symphony Orchestra in Los Angeles.
The Swiss Riehener Zeitung in Basel tryed to express in one sentence the atmosphere of our appearance at one piano four-handed: "A grandiose season's opening - to play different is possible, but to play better, not".