Berenice Christin Terwey (violin) and Philomela Eva Terwey (piano)


Gstaad Festival
"Sommets Musicaux"
Brilliant Start


In the completely sold-out chapel, ? Berenice Christin Terwey (violin) and Philomela Eva Terwey (piano) performed the well-known "Adagio" K 261 by Mozart, a composition from the hard period in Salzburg in 1776, when Mozart had had to endure tensions in the archiepiscopal service. Elegant, perfect technique, captivating play, and perfect harmony were fascinating.

Beethoven's real virtuoso opus, the famous Kreutzer sonata (A major, op 47) demanded everything of the violinist and let her climb to highest musical summits already in the opening Adagio sostenuto; demanded of both interpreters most sophisticated technical brilliance, virtuosity and fine harmony to express Beethoven's solemn splendour - a great success of the pleasant musicians.

Warmth, élan, joy and ease in the sisters' playing convinced once more in Brahms' Hungarian dances and in Ravel's concert rhapsody "Tzigane". After tremendous applause, the radiant musicians said goodbye with a Russian dance by Mussorgsky.

Anzeiger Saanen, Dr. Rolf P. Steiger, 2007