Berenice Terwey


?A supremely accomplished performance!
? Berenice Terwey performed the violin concerto by Tchaikovsky with an elegant freshness far removed from the overdrive that often mars this piece.
Where others tend towards pathos, she offered the audience a sensitive Canzonetta of unforced expressiveness. The Finale, at once brilliant and delightful free of bombast, was adorned with playful touches... A supremely accomplished performance!?

Eindhovener Dagblad 2006

?An evening full of expressive nuances
?Terwey handled convincingly the rhapsodic character of Dvorak's violin
concerto conveying the charm and gaiety of the composer's inspiration.
She performed the central peaceful Adagio with its broad cantabile with
intelligence and musicality, and much expressive nuances, particularly
when in dialogue with the orchestra and when spinning her poetic
arabesques in the reprise. In the finale, she gave an irresistible
freshness and rusticity to its furiant cross-rhythms and imbuing its
Dumka-like episode with appropriate melancholy.

Sächsische Zeitung 2006

?Terwey- a particular highlight
? A particular highlight of this evening was the appearance of the soloist, Berenice Terwey. Bruch's concerto no1 sounded sensitively painted as if it had just been written. She played the melodies with infinite care giving Bruch's  easygoing lyricism a seductively warm glow.?

Die Woche (Hamburg) 2006