??such blow-your-socks-off virtuosity is complemented with a dark, intense, ferociously concentrated essence and nature?unlike so many competition winners we shall surely be hearing a lot more of this prodigiously gifted young pianist and life force.?

-Bryce Morrison, Deutsche Gramophone June issue 2006

?A world class pianist performing at his absolute best??

New York Times, 2005

On 13 May 2005 at the Lincoln Theater in Miami Beach, Florida, USA, ?Ukrainian firebrand Alexander Gavrylyuk commenced the proceedings. Gavrylyuk is the Gold Medal Winner of Israel's Artur Rubinstein Competition. From his remarkable playing and artistic insight, it was easy to see what impressed the competition jury.?

Critic, Lawrence Budman


Yediot Hachonot (Y-Net) – 1 April, 2005
Author: Chanoch Ron

An amazing rocket flew to the final

This time I have a wonderful contender to win the first prize: “Alexander Gavrylyuk” Ukranian, an Australian citizen. With him it's not only that the music is brilliant – this is the creation of the music!

This child stands and touches the sky! An amazing rocket flies to the finals. A real artist! What a wonderful surprise!

When he plays, it causes me to cry, to laugh, to moan and to be cheerful. The Italian Concerto (Bach) he turns into a church of pure sounds. With him, the playing comes from within. From the intestines…that is a different Bach. A combination of Glen Gold and Angela Hewitt together. Suddenly, I saw Bach standing at the edge of the stage and smiling warmly to the ‘child'.

He simply throws in the rubbish all that is banal. He presents Haydn with depth. It's not the “nice” Haydn – even Prokofiev starts to sing. All the human subtleties of Prokofiev started to flood from his piano to the concert hall. Gavrylyuk is only 20, but he plays as if he has the experience of a 40 year old. As if he already managed to experience the taste of life and made love with a lot of women on one side – but on the other side, touched the soul and the human pain. He's a natural phenomenon!

Last night, the judges chose the happy 16 contenders who are going to the second stage. The details of the name are too wieldy and unimportant. What is important is that our [Israeli] team is inside. Who we have is the Chinese girl for whom the eroticism is pouring out of her piano. The Chinese girl who knows how to sing, the wonderful Korean, the sensitive Georgian, and the Korean who prays to God. And – the Rocket who flew yesterday to the finals – Gavrylyuk!

Today starts the second stage – wow – how difficult it is…they are going out to the big battle….Wait for surprises and sparks!

Y-Net 14 April. 2005
Author: Chanoch Ron

And the Winner?Alexander Gavrylyuk

That's it! That is the end ? the first prize which is a gold medal plus $25,000 was awarded to Alexander Gavrylyuk from the Ukraine . The second prize a silver medal plus $15k was awarded to Igor Levit from Russia . The 3rd prize ? Bronze medal plus $10k was awarded to the Korean Yaul Aum Sun.

The prize for the audience favourite was received by Igor Levit from Moshe Vardi ? in memory of Dr Hertzel Rozenblum.

He [Gavrylyuk] is a magician! And maybe the ?Devil' himself entered into this child! And of course he picks the first prize. Since Pogorelich you haven't heard Tchaikovsky in such a way. What a drama! What a flow of music! And he also had paragraphs full of poetry ? so much so that it seems that the piano will start singing!

Ladies and Gentleman ? the magic of Rubenstein has returned to the competition. Gavrylyuk has shown it from the first moment ? from the first stage ? all along. Igor Levit also deserves, due to his Brahms, due to the depth of his playing his music won over the ?pianism' (the separation between playing the piano and the music ). Levit played Brahms ? and introduced into it the ?singing' of Pulini and the ?depth' of Barenboim?just wonderful! Yaul Am Sung deserves to be in the top also due to the artist in her, due to the natural way in which she plays, due to the sound and the flow of her music!

"Tal virtuosidad, de esas que te bajan las medias, se complementa con una escencia y una naturaleza oscura, intensa y ferozmente concentrada...a diferencia de tantos ganadores de competencias, es seguro que vamos a estar escuchando mucho más de esta joven y prodigiosa pianista y fuerza de vida"
-Bryce Morrison, Deutsche Gramophone (Gramófono Alemán), Edición de junio, 2006
"Un pianista de clase mundial tocando en su óptimo absoluto"... New York Times, 2005
"El 13 de mayo en el teatro Lincoln de Miami Beach, Florida, Estados Unidos, el ukraniano de marca de fuego Alexander Gavrylyuk comenzó la acción.  Gavrylyuk es el ganador de la medalla de oro de la competencia "Artur Rubinstein" de Israel.  Por su  extraordinaria interpretación y perspicacia artistica, fue fácil descubrir lo que impresionó al jurado calificador de la competencia."

-Critic, Lawrence Budman

Once, in the Rubenstein competitions, there was one competitor against the rest. This year it's different ? from the first minute we had our team. All along the competition we had the colt galloping on the [piano] keys rejoicefully which gave us the most beautiful moments of the competition. It was such a fresh competition! Goodbye the moments of drama, tension and excitement which we had so many! See you in 3 years?.

Ma'ariv ?
Author: Ora Binur

? Ups and Downs '

...The big bang of yesterday was Alexander Gavrylyuk which in my opinion has the most wonderful left hand of all the competitors. In his playing you can find everything. Fireworks, a revolutionary etude, powerful and explosive! A school of serious playing and not only superficial sparks. Gavrylyuk, in comparison to Sevritski, put his program together very wisely and cunningly.

From Brandenshvili which was personally gorgeous, a successful Scriavin, and then an impressive dose of startling Chopin and to the Big Bang of Brahms and Paganini. Gavrylyuk has the qualities of a communicating artist, technical juggler of depth and seriousness, bastardry and cheekiness. And all the while, keeping a framework and a style in the right measures ? he will climb to the top!


The opening concert of the Miami International Piano Festival's Discovery Series featured the impressive Ukrainian firebrand Alexander Gavrylyuk, Gold Medal Winner of Israel's Artur Rubinstein Competition, on Friday night at the Lincoln Theater. How Gavrylyuk would fare in the mainstream romantic piano repertoire of Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, or Schumann remains to be seen but, in the show stopping pyrotechnical challenges of scores by Brahms, Scriabin, and Prokofiev, he proved to be formidable. His awesome technique is matched by the ability to bring artistic insight and character to every musical phrase.

Gavrylyuk's opening traversal of Haydn's Sonata in B Minor was rather cool and cerebral for two movements. A fiery version of the concluding Presto was an apt prelude to a supercharged reading of Brahms's Paganini Variations. This daunting work was rendered with torrents of prodigious virtuosity and interpretive abandon. Gavrylyuk commanded a remarkable dynamic range. Extremes of volume at both ends and wide ranging keyboard leaps were conjured up with dizzying magic. Yet the pianist did not neglect the music's introspective side. The pearly tones of the Chopinesque variation gave
indication of a pianistic poet. Gavrylyuk's rapid fire articulation of the final variation was virtuosic indeed.

Gavrylyuk evoked the ecstatic frenzy of Scriabin's Sonata No.5 with an endless rainbow of cascading colors and tonal hues. The hand crossings and sheer speed of the coda held no terrors for this pianist. Gavrylyuk turned up the emotional heat to the artistic boiling point. He vividly conveyed the visionary mysticism of Scriabin's tonally ambiguous musical language. For sheer pianistic bravura Gavrylyuk's Scriabin evoked memories of such legends as Horowitz and Richter.

Gavrylyuk intense, fierce approach to Prokofiev's wartime Sonata No.6 brought home the terror in the frighteningly relentless chords in the opening Allegro and the grim march of the second movement. Yet the waltz was darkly romantic and intoxicating in Gavrylyuk's rich, vibrant sonorities. He brought devilish fury to the final Vivace, daringly taken at an unbelievably breakneck tempo. In a stunning encore Gavrylyuk unleashed a firestorm with Liszt's roulades on Mendelssohn's Wedding March, played with astounding tonal clarity and pianistic thunder.

Miami Herald