Piano Duo



(As of 17.January 2006)

10.01.06 | "Two in one spirit" Saxonia-Anhalt State Music Academy Piano Duo Workshop | Cloister Michaelstein | Blankenburg/Harz (Germany)
Due to the audience's and participants' great interest, the "Two in one spirit" Saxonia-Anhalt State Music Academy Piano Duo Workshop which was led by
Genova & Dimitrov between January 3-6, 2006 will be held again in September 2007 at Cloister Michaelstein in Blankenburg/Harz (Germany). More detailed information will be available by Mid of 2006 among other at the Saxonia-Anhalt State Music Academy official website:

07.01.06 | Fanfare Magazine | CD "America for Two" | Tennafly NJ (USA)
"The duo was founded in 1995, and has since won every major duo competition. It is easy to hear why. They are most impressive.
Recommended!" (Fanfare Magazine)

19.12.05 | Rondo Magazine | CD "America for Two" | Munich (Germany)
"Piano tigers with flamelike temperament. Always fascinating and exciting" (Rondo Magazine) More...
02.12.05 | Radio Vaticana Musica | Vatican City/Rome (Italy)

On 12. and 19.December 2005 Radio Vaticana broadcasts in its "Diapason" music programme the live recording of Genova & Dimitrov's concert at the
International Chopin Festival, Duszniki.

30.11.05 | Master Concert Series | Franciscanian Concert Hall | Villingen-Schwenningen (Germany)
"Pianistic adventure. Genova & Dimitrov dazzled with an incomparable precision" (Südkurier) More...

27.11.05 | Master Concert Series | Theatre at the Kunsthalle | Singen (Germany)
"They love (also) the unusual, the uncommon, not the ordinary: Aglika Genova and Liuben Dimitrov" (Südkurier)

20.11.05 | Nashville Public Radio, KVNO Classical Radio | Tennessee, Nebraska (USA)

Two further US public radio stations broadcast in November large programmes about Genova & Dimitrov - Nashville Public Radio in Tennessee and
KVNO Classical in Nebraska.

15.11.05 | "The ClassicFM Radio Concert Masters" | ClassicFM Radio Orchestra | Great Concert Hall Bulgaria | Sofia (Bulgaria)
"One body with four hands. The world-known piano duo Aglika Genova and Liuben Dimitrov starring the ClassicFM Radio Concert Masters series" (Duma

The Bulgarian National Television BNT produced a film about the Artists (broadcasting on 4.1.2006 at 13:45 CET+1) and the Satellite Channel TV Bulgaria presented them in a special TV clip. A number of further newspaper portraits follow...

02.11.05 | "Classic Stars" | Bavarian Radio BAYERN 4 Classic | Munich (Germany)
On November 18, 2005 (16:03-17:00 MEZ) Genova & Dimitrov are the featured artists of the broadcasting "Classic Stars" of the Bavarian Radio BAYERN
4 Classic. Works of Muzio Clementi, Francis Poulenc and George Gershwin will to be heard.

27.10.05 | CD "America for Two" | ABC Classic FM, Radio NZ | Australia, New Zealand
26 broadscastings about the Duo's CDs were already realized by the Australian National Radio ABC Classic FM, the most recent one - on September 15.
Also the New Zealand Radio NZ in Wellington devoted a debute broadcasting to the Duo on the afternoon of October 22.

25.10.05 | CD "America for Two" | cpo / jpc | Osnabruck (Germany)
Over 1600 copies were sold only within the first two months after the CD release, reports jpc about "America for Two" (cpo 777 039-2).

22.10.05 | CD "America for Two" | BBC 3, RUV | London (Great Britain), Reykjavik (Iceland)
On September 22 BBC 3 broadcasted the CD "America for Two". With the presentation of the CD on the Iceland National Broadcasting Service on
October 17, the Duo's recordings got on air for first time in Iceland.

21.10.05 | CD "America for Two" | Compact Discoveries, Radioio, WUIS,, KUMR | Florida, Illinois, Connecticut, Montana (USA)
The US-wide transmitted radio station "Compact Discoveries" presented the CD "America for Two" in its 86.Program "Latin-American Rhythms by Jewish-
American Composers" in October 2005. Anchor: Fred Flaxman. A number of further broadcastings on many US radio stations were devoted to the CD,
among them - "The World's Classical Radio Station".

18.10.05 | Fürstensaal Concert Hall of the City Castle | Fulda (Germany)
"Top level piano duo: Aglika Genova and Liuben Dimitrov at Fürstensaal Concert Hall. A sound poetry piano playing" (Fuldaer Zeitung) More...
04.10.05 | 2005/2006 Season Opening of the Concert Society | Municipal Concert Hall | Cuxhaven (Germany)
"That was music pure, fantastically played" (Cuxhavener Nachrichten) More...

6.09.05 | CD "America for Two" | Attila Csampai for HiFi & Records | Magstadt (Germany)
"There is just no other piano duo who pocess the ability to transform in sounds the One-Body-With-Four-Hands ideal so homogeneous, sovereignly and
energetically" (HiFi & Records)

23.09.05 | CD "America for Two" | Salzburger Nachrichten | Salzburg (Austria)
"With their irresistibly dazzling album "America for Two" Aglika Genova and Liuben Dimitrov succeed to create a classically pure divert of finest pianistic
artistry" (Salzburger Nachrichten)

20.09.05 | Palace Concerts Sanssouci | Palace Theatre Sanssouci | Potsdam (Germany)
"Pure harmony: Piano Duo Genova & Dimitrov. Royally!" (Berliner Morgenpost)

19.09.05 | CD "America for Two" | FonoForum Magazine | Euskirchen (Germany)
"more beautifully than played masterly by these 20 fingers is hardly to imagine" (FonoForum)

18.09.05 | CD "America for Two" | Crescendo Magazine | Berlin - Munich (Germany)
"rhythmical precision and transparent synchrony" (Crescendo)

09.09.05 | CD "America for Two" | Amazon | Seattle (USA)
"Wow! Outstanding release" (Amazon). Five stars for the CD "America for Two" (cpo 777 039-2) More...
08.09.05 | CD "America for Two" | HR Hessen Radio | Frankfurt (Germany)
"a practical travel guide full with insider tips" (HR Hessen Radio)

07.09.05 | CD "America for Two" | WDAV 89,9 Classical Public Radio | Davidson, North Carolina (USA)
"Masterful recording" (WDAV 89,9 Classical Public Radio)

04.09.05 | CD "America for Two" | Klassikradio | Berlin - Hamburg (Germany)
The new CD "America for Two" (cpo 777 039-2) was presented in three special Klassikradio broadcastings - on 26, 29.August and on 2.September.

27.08.05 | CD "America for Two" | Select Music | Surrey (Great Britain)
"The result is a triumph" (Select Music)

26.08.05 | CD "America for Two" | WDR, NDR Kultur, BR and NordWest Radio stations | Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Bremen (Germany)

After three of the leading German radio stations presented the new CD "America for Two" (cpo 777 039-2) in their special broadcastings, another one is
scheduled at the NordWest Radio Bremen for 23.September 2005.

24.08.05 | CD "America for Two" | WGTE, Georgia Public Broadcasting, KSUI, Wisconsin Public Radio | Ohio, Georgia, Iowa, Wisconsin (USA)
The US radio stations WGTE Ohio, Georgia Public Broadcasting, KSUI Iowa and Wisconsin Public Radio devote large presentation broadcastings to the
new CD "America for Two" (cpo 777 039-2).

23.08.05 | CD "America for Two" | HR Hessen Radio | Frankfurt (Germany)
The new CD "America for Two" (cpo 777 039-2) - CD of the day of the Hessen Radio HR Classic on 25.August 2005.

17.08.05 | The new CD "America for Two" | Notiziario Sound and Music | Lucca (Italy)
"That is just like the fireworks display of the 4th of July" (Notiziario Sound and Music)

16.08.05 | The new CD "America for Two" | Frankfurter Neue Presse | Frankfurt (Germany)
"America for Two" (cpo 777 039-2) - CD recommendation of the newspaper Frankfurter Neue Presse.

11.08.05 | The new CD "America for Two" | Deutsche Presse-Agentur (German Press Agency) | Hanover (Germany)
"Without fear of crossing borders" (Deutsche Presse-Agentur, German Press Agency)

10.08.05 | The new CD "America for Two" | Klassik Heute Magazine | Munich (Germany)
"Deepest respect!". Artistic quality: 9, Sound quality: 8, Complete impression: 9 (Klassik Heute Magazine)

05.08.05 | The new CD "America for Two" | Radio Deutschland Funk | Cologne (Germany)
"Prelude to the afternoon of a Wall Street broker" (Radio Deutschland Funk Cologne)

28.07.05 | Weilburg Castle Festival | Castle Church | Weilburg (Germany)
"Perfect sense of style and joy of playing. The Piano Duo Genova & Dimitrov - the highlight of the music weekend in Weilburg" (Frankfurter Allgemeine
Zeitung) "Great excitement for a virtuoso piano duo" (Frankfurter Neue Presse)

17.07.05 | The new CD "America for Two" | Deutschland Radio | Berlin (Germany)
Deutschland Radio Berlin broadcasted the new CD "America for Two" (cpo 777 039-2) in its programme RadioFeuilleton on 13.07.2005.

14.07.05 | The new CD "America for Two" | Berliner Morgenpost July 2005 | Berlin (Germany)
"Multi-cultural mix of jazz feeling, lounge mood and artificial coolness" - CD recommendation of the Berliner Morgenpost More...