Péter Szabó


Péter Szabo?s splendid interpretation demonstrates the importance of Moór?s Sonata with virtuosity. The precise technical working of the interpretation creates a refined swaying balance between the plain syllabus of the movements, the archaic gestures and the romantic passions.?

Muzsika, 2006. May

?I can speak with the greatest enthusiasm about Péter Szabó?s  cello playing, which testifies deep experience and understanding of the works. It is to Péter Sabo?s private merit, that he compiled the CD program, and he acted as a  ?midwife? at this recording?s birth.

Muzsika, 2006 April

??The present Cello Sonata from 1900, is an extrovert work, firmly in  the grand late-Romantic tradition, convincingly put across by Péter Szabó??

The Strad, 2006. April

??Cellist Péter Szabó is particularly well known, having numerous recordings to his credit over the last quarter century. He exhibits a beautiful tone of moderate weight, and a refined sense of dynamics??

Fanfare, 2006. April

“More recently I have heard his recording of the Pleyel concertos, which I found astonishingly brilliant in execution.”
Sir Roger Norrington , October, 2004.

“... he performs the solo part brilliantly and musical refined with a strong impact!”
Fono Forum, May, 2003.

 “...His interpretation is intelligent and enthusiastic”
Classica, May, 2003.

“...his interpretation is full of vitality and engaged. He is initiative in the fast movements, moderate and bashful in the slow movements. His sonority is warm, his technique is impeccable.”
Repertoire, April, 2003.

“Particularly enjoyable are his expansive accounts of the opening movement ...his sonorous lyricism in the slow movement ...and his characterful, spirited interpretations of the light-hearted finales.”
Robin Stowell , The Strad, 2003.

“Péter Szabó is a first class cellist... He possesses a tone that sings strongly, and his technique is firm. Szabó does here what many instrumental soloists seem to be doing these days, conducting the orchestra from his cello position. This adds mightily to the soloist's work load, but when one has an ensemble such as the Erdody Chamber Orchestra at one ‘s disposal, there is not much cause for worry.”
The Classical Music Guide Forum, March, 2005.

“Szabó brings fiery declamation...audacious variations, played with robust histrionics which test Szabó's bow arm to the full.”
The Times London , 05 June 1997

“Péter Szabó ...a divine talent...”
Laszló Mezo , Budapest

“I wrote The Baroque Rhapsody for Péter Szabó. I honour him as a young artist of our performing art who is before a grand carrier. He sounded my piece not only with an excellent technical skill but with the artistic transformation of sounds too, which is typical of the really great artists.”
Ede Terényi, Marosvásárhely

“Péter Szabó's performing art can be characterized by an especially balanced, colourful, expressive sound-formation, a meaningfully rhythmic, successive melodic line and the exploitation of the beauty in the details.”
Utunk , Kolozsvár

“Martinu's variations are fiendishly hard pieces technically but this fact is not at all remarkable in Péter Szabó's performance because his precision and agility make him a real virtuoso without making a show of his easiness.”
Muzica , Bucharest


“…interpreta sus partes de solista con brillantes y refinamiento musical con gran impacto”.
–Fono Forum-

“Szabó logra una apasionada declamación a la obra”.
The London Times

“…su interpretación está llena de vitalidad y perfectamente engranada. Tiene iniciativa en los movimientos rápidos, moderado en los movimientos lentos. Su sonoridad es cálida, su técnica impecable”. Repertoire

“…su interpretación es inteligente y entusiástica” . Classica

“Son particularmente agradable su amplia narración en el primer movimiento,…su sonoro lirismo en el movimiento lento …y su interpretación con gran carácter espiritual de los alegres finales”.
The Strad. 2003-