András Ligeti

Repetoire / Programs

Matáv Hungarian Symphony Orch.
In 1907 Ferenc Kossuth, Minister of Trade Affairs, gives the permission for founding the contemporary Post Orchestra: the predecessor of the present Matáv Hungarian Symphony Orchestra is established. After their debut in Budapest, from the 20's the orchestra becomes more and more popular through radio broadcasts. The artistic improvement of the orchestra reveals after the second World War. From the 60's regular subscription series have been launched and the orchestra appears abroad, as well. After the 80's under the baton of Ervin Lukács and Ádám Medveczky, the orchestra is developing into a high quality artistic group.
Since 1990, under the name of Hungarian Symphony Orchestra, the ensemble has been functioning as a foundation, and from 1992, Matáv, the Hungarian Telecommunication Company, took on the responsibility of financing with outstanding generousity. Matáv's decision is unique in Hungarian Art, the company gives not only financial support for the continuously improving artistic development, but also provides a home for the orchestra: in 1995 the Matáv House of Music is built, which is a professional rehearsal hall of the ensemble.
1997: There is an important change in the history of the Matáv Hungarian Symphony Orchestra already, with the appointment of András Ligeti as music director. Due to the consistent realization of his new artistic conception, the orchestra becomes one of the leading ensembles of Hungarian music life. The already diverse repertoire of the orchestra is extended with contemporary pieces, oratorios and youth performances. The orchestra offers high quality performances, excellent guest artists, successful records and attractive programs for the audience. The Matáv Hungarian Symphony Orchestra, which ensemble will be 100 years old in 2007, wish to live up to the increasing demands of its old and new audience with rich traditions and further artistic development.