Jaramar?s music is composed of elements from the past and from the present.  She uses musical forms that evolved many centuries ago and in this project are looking for present-day ears more familiar with a different type of sound.  It is a way of reaching out to old languages to find a link with the present.  It is a search in which she is attempting to unite, among other things, contemporary technology with the purity of tradition.

          Jaramar?s performances are sensuous and expressive, where the music is as important as the manner of interpretation.  She makes use not only of the different nuances of her voice but also uses the expressiveness of her whole body and occasionally also visual and dance elements that attempt to widen her possibilities of expression. Her repertoire is made up of songs where we can find the mystical and the sensuous, the sacred and the profane, the regional and the universal.

Web: http://jaramar.com.mx