Anita Kamien, conductor

Roger Kamien, pianist soloist

The King David String Ensemble

"The King David String Ensemble" has become one of the foremost chamber music groups in Israel, and around the world, since their founding in Jerusalem in 1992 by virtuoso musicians of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.

They have met with great critical acclaim worldwide, with the Jerusalem Post describing them as a "tour de force."

This unique modular chamber orchestra is comprised of immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

They have been praised in the Israeli press for their "uniform, singing and brilliant sound," their "courtly, refined style," and for being highly "synchronized and well-disciplined."

One Montpellier critic said "One could not imagine anything better! The concert of "The King David String Ensemble" was the high point of this festival."

In their 1999 Asian tour, the Manila press called them "Magnificent and dazzling!"

Their 2001 tour to Scandinavia and Spain had the Swedish press describing them as "a true treasure," "Poetic and Harmonious," "superb."

Their repertoire spans from the baroque to the contemporary.

Since "The King David String Ensemble" engaged the Israeli-American conductor Anita Kamien as their musical director in 1997, she has taken "The King David String Ensemble" to new artistic heights.

Her musical vision, "indefatigable" nature and "exuberance and enthusiasm" have been noted by critics to have a "contagious effect on the ensemble" "eliciting a performance that was intensely alive."

In addition to being regarded as one of Israel's foremost orchestral and choral conductors, Ms. Kamien is also an award-winning pianist and harpsichordist.

Under her baton, "The King David String Ensemble" completed highly successful extensive concert tours of Japan, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, France, Belgium, Thailand, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Myanmar, and the United States.

Their 1998 Japanese tour, with the violin soloist Emil Israel Chudnovsky , was received with such enthusiastic audience response, that a CD was produced in Japan of one of their live concerts.

The 2000 season included performances with the extraordinary young virtuoso violinist Emil Israel Chudnovsky, one of "The Three Violinists", laureate of the 2000 Szeryng International Violin Competition, 1999 Paganini and D' Angelo Competitions, and winner of First Prize from both the XI International Curci Competition in Naples, Italy and the Young Artists Competition of the NFMC, and the renowned Romanian flute soloist Vladimir Silva.

Other outstanding soloists, such as Metropolitan Opera's Susanna Poretsky, Israel's leading mezzo-soprano, performed Vivaldi's "Stabat Mater" with "The King David String Ensemble" to glowing reviews.

The brilliant violin virtuoso, composer, and conductor Albert Markov, winner of the Gold Medal at the Queen Elizabeth Violin Competition in Brussels, has performed with "The King David String Ensemble."

Mr. Markov gave the World Premiere of his "Formosa" suite for violin and orchestra with "The King David String Ensemble" at the Jerusalem Theatre's Henry Crown Symphony Hall.

"The King David String Ensemble" and its outstanding members, such as the viola d'amore virtuoso Daniel Fradkin, have impressed and inspired world renowned composers such as Mark Kopytman, Istvan Zelenka, Krivitsky , and Blau.

"The King David String Ensemble" performs in a wide variety of combinations from trios to small chamber orchestra with soloists, which allows exciting programming of an exceptionally wide repertoire of works.

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