Smetana Philharmonic
Orchestra Prague

Mr. Jan Legner, one of the outstanding Prague horners, as general manager and Hans Richter, international experienced conductor, as chief-conductor, founded in 2006 a new orchestra, with high musical level, the Smetana Philharmonic Orchestra Prague.

This orchestra follows from the Westbohemian Philharmonic Orchestra Pilsen, at first to express the respect for the great czech composer B. Smetana and further to take into account, that the Smetana Philharmonic Orchestra Prague has united the best musicians of Prague, its musical elite, who have a great experience of work in the most important orchestras under the baton of celebrated conductors.

The Orchestra's repertoire is based on the great classical works belonging to the golden treasury of mankind, but also on the Bohemian-Czech music. Smetana ( in 2009 we will celebrate the 125th year of his death ) is noted as being the first composer to write music that was specifically Czech in character, his ?Moldau? is one of the immortal masterpieces of music-literature. He was a great influence on A. Dvorak, who similarly used Czech themes in his works. The successors in 20th century are the great L. Janacek and B. Martinu.

The lifelong friendship between  A. Dvorak und Hans Richter, the greatgrandfather of the chiefconductor (famous Maestro who conducted several premieres: for example ?The Ring? from Richard Wagner in Bayreuth, Brahms? 2nd and 3rd Symphony, Bruckner?s 4th and 8th Symphony, chiefconductor of the ?Wiener Philharmoniker? 1875 ? 1898) shall be mentioned.
A. Dvorak dedicated his 6th symphony to Hans Richter ( 1843 ? 1916 ).

The Smetana Philharmonic Orchestra Prague is formed of musicians of the Prague top orchestras.

Thanks to the  multiple contacts of his general manager the  Smetana Philharmonic Orchestra Prague has been able to prepare for international performances on short notice.

The aim of this project has been to escape from musical routine by working with optimal conditions. The members of the orchestra are motivated and can reach these high objectives.

One of these the Orchestra sees in supporting young gifted musicians and in providing appropriate conditions for their professional and artistic growth as soloists.

In October 2006 the Orchestra will produce a CD with his chief-conductor  Hans Richter:?Prague in the mirror of time?, from Renaissance to Present Time
(for example: J. Teml    Symphonie Nr. 3 ? Kafka ?-2000-)

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