Adriana Linares



??This is a starkly beautiful tone poem in which the plangent tones of the solo viola stand in contrast to the silken? It is not hard to picture the dramatic Maine seacoast when listening to this short work. The playing of violist Adriana Linares is meltingly beautiful. This is a definite must for those who love the big romantic canvases of Hanson's music but who are not familiar with his works in smaller forms. Sound is exemplary??

Naxos reviewers

 ??I was overwhelmed by Linares?s stunning and moving performance-her brilliance of sound, technical perfection and soaring spirits??

??Linares not only has the drive to perform and succeed, but a remarkable vitality and Paganini-like skills that puts her in with the most seasoned artists??

Philadelphia Music Makers Magazine, Article ?A soaring Spirit? by Jill Iris

??The piece opened with Peaza on violin and was quickly joined by Linares viola in a melody which captured the title of the music immediately..?

??but it was Ms. Linares who consistently showed the deepest feeling in tone and intensity??

The Star, Chicago (Solo Performance with Illinois Philharmonic)

??In the Latin American communities of the state of Pennsylvania, there is a great artistic talent, in the musical world particularly.  An example of that is Adriana Linares.?

Impacto Latino Newspaper, Philadelphia, PA

 ??Adriana Linares, a disciple from the American School, conducted by a youth influence of brilliance, dedication. A gift that Philadelphia is providing to the rest of the world??

La voz de la calle, MIAMI, Florida Newspaper.

??I consider Ms Linares to be an exceptionally fine violist; she has established herself as an outstanding musician and teacher. She is devoted to her artistry and, as a musician of distinction??

Roberto Diaz
(Former Principal Viola Philadelphia Orchestra, Curtis Institute President)

??Her playing immediately stood out as not only excellent but also distinctive, characterful and individual??

??Over the years I have heard a very large number of viola players and Miss Linares is one of the most distinguished I have heard, bringing a particularly strong sense of style, rhythm, musical personality and distinctive artistic interpretation??

??She is also a most articulate and persuasive advocate of her musical ideas??

Roger Tapping
(former violist Tackas Quartet, New England Conservatory Faculty, Grammy award winner)

 ??Ms. Linares has played principal viola on numerous occasions, her technical abilities are considerable, and her musicianship is profound??

Stuart Malina
(Conductor Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra, Tony award winning)

 ??Ms Linares possesses an exceptional musical talent and a fine technique as an instrumentalist?In her audition program for the Harrisburg Associate Principal position, she delivered some of the most musical readings of excerpts and solo repertoire I have heard in recent years...She is an instinctive and sympathetic collaborator and possesses a lovely expressive sound on the viola??

Odin Rathnam
(Concert violinist, Concertmaster Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra)

 ??Ms. Linares demonstrates the most uncommon equilibrium between the complete technical domain of her instrument and the emotional and intellectual aspects of a great musician. She is also charismatic, profound and eloquent, which makes her an exceptional musical communicator that is able to enlighten others through her pedagogical skills??

Carlos Izcaray (Former Venezuela Symphony conductor and principal cellist)

 ??I have been impressed with Ms. Linares?s abilities as a violist and a musical collaborator. Her abilities extend well beyond the realm of classical music, in the she has a great passion for sharing with others the benefit of music education?? Ms Linares is in a distinguished class of violists, in the field of classical music there are only few??

Ilmar Gavilan (Juilliard Pre-College Faculty, First violin Harlem String Quartet)


  ??Ms Linares definitively belongs in the category of top level string players, and has given proof of it during her highly rewarding artistic experience?her presence at the Festival, both as faculty and performer added a great deal of distinction??

Paul Desenne (distinguished Venezuelan composer)

??Adriana is a wonderful violist and musician. She is a truly charismatic performer, I have heard her play in recitals, with orchestra and chamber music??

Atar Arad (Former Violist Cleveland Quartet, Distinguished Viola Professor Indiana University)